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     Personal Transformation Guidance
        to Reclaim Your Wholeness

Personal Magic is about understanding yourself from the inside out and utilizing that understanding to make everything in your life work for you. We provide the tools you need to gain self-understanding and to bring all aspects of yourself into alignment.

As a result, you could find yourself…

All the information that has been stored from the past into your subconscious mind creates your reactions and causes you to make the choices that you do in your life. (For more about how this works, click here) The tools and techniques utilized in each Personal Magic service provides methods for understanding and consciously transforming any misinformation stored inside you and with it, your unconscious reactions to situations in your life. As the inside is transformed, the life you see outside of you transforms to match.

Choose which method sounds most appropriate for you…

NLP Instant Therapy
Utilizing neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, which are based on the way the brain learns new information, these sessions use imagery to release old patterns and reactions. The outdated or invalid information is replaced by truth from your own inner wisdom.

Source Point Technique – for Curing Allergies and Addictions
All allergies and addictions can be traced to a point of origin. These techniques allow that point of origin to be transformed with new information without having to go through any traumatic emotions. With that transformation, the allergic reaction or additive behavior disappears.

Energy Medicine
We are electro-magnetic beings. Having the energy flow within your systems balanced creates health on all levels. These techniques balance the electro-magnetic energy and teach you ways of staying balanced.

Inca Shaman Traditions and Energy Medicine
These techniques have been used by indigenous peoples around the world for thousands of years for personal growth, healing and accessing inner wisdom. Immersing yourself for a weekend at a time into the experience of these traditions, accelerates the inner transformation you are seeking