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Creating Health Naturally


Creating Health

The Easy Way to Stay Young, Well and Happy
A Four Class Series

to a New, Healthy You

What is disease?
What causes diseased states and how do we prevent them or begin undoing them?

Providing the Building Materials
Which foods and nutirents are important and why?

How to make sure your body is getting everything it needs
Exercising, Calming the mental

Best exercises and treatments for your body and how they work

Putting the mind and mental state on the side of healing
Healing Modalities that Assist; Putting it All Together

Introduction to practices such as homeopathy, acupuncture, NLP, and other alternative treatments
How and why they work

Fitting health into your everyday life
Learn how easy it can be to make your health a reality

Four Classes: $35 per class or $125 if you register for all 4 sessions
Location: Fawnskin, CA (near Big Bear Lake)
Contact Sandy for more info on this class or to register